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Inner Space Techniques (IST) are a set of therapeutic and healing techniques based on the
inner space of meditation. The techniques allow you to access the unconscious parts of your psyche,
and get to know your true self. The approach is practical and profound.

For thousand of years meditators have discovered that beyond the conscious surface level of
the mind lie forces that shape personality, cause stress, neurosis and at time even ill-health.

Be defined by the real you, not your issues.

Developed by Dr Samuel Sagan, Inner Space Interactive Sourcing brings an emotional stability
and a great self-knowledge to  all areas of your life. You feel yourself beyond the mind.
Once you have experiences of this depth, problems become small and insubstantial.
Your life changes, and there is a greater flow in everything you do.


Life's up and downs impact our physical, mental and emotional state The also affect our life force.
In Ayurveda and the Vedas of the India tradition, this life force layer is known as the prana-maya-kosha. Chinese medicine and acupuncture refer to it as Qi. And Western Anthroposophical medicine calls it the etheric.

IST works on the layer of life force to release blockages and move negative energies out of the clients system.  My role as the healer is to gently and directly facilitate a healing space and apply vision to see what is needed to be healed.


Just as there are physical parasites there are energetic parasites that affect the layer of life force.
This is a concept found in many forms of traditional medicine. Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, has one of its eight sections entirely devoted to the study of bhutas, or entities.  In acupuncture, among the 361 points of the 14 main meridians, 17 have the word Kuei (meaning 'disincarnate spirit or entity') as part of their main or secondary name.  It includes specific techniques to identify and eliminate such parasites


Support for people dying and their loved ones. Birth and Death is a journey of joy versus one of sadness. Death too can be a profound, inspiring and love filled journey. IST also offers services for those who are preparing for the great journey afterlife and also to families and friends grieving their loves ones.


The IST process is an incredible technique of self-discovery bringing depth of understanding about yourself and interactions with friends and loves ones.


What to expect during an Inner Space Techniques session


During your first session, we will discuss where you are at and what you would like to work on.

From here the client will lay down on a soft mat on the floor, eyes closed, while I sit in meditation beside you. I will guide you into the 'inner space' through an easy third eye meditation. The session will unfold as I ask questions about what you are feeling and experiencing in the space.

Allow up to 1.5 hours for the session. Which will include some discussion before/after the session.


How many sessions do you need?

This will vary with each individual depending on what you would like to work on. Generally, it is advisable to have 3 sessions as a minimum. Weekly sessions can be a profound and power transformation of self-discovery bringing about freedom, free will, and metaphysical experiences.


Session Fees

Standard IST session Sydney $165.00

Standard IST session Melbourne $150.00

Standard IST session Sunshine Coast $150.00

Standard IST session Brisbane $150.00

Standard IST session New Zealand $150.00

Skype sessions available $130.00



24 hours notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the full fee is charged.

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